PhD position for nanoparticle micromanipulation, University of St Andrews

New PhD position for nanoparticle micromanipulation, University of St Andrews (starting summer 2009 onwards): Nanoparticles are now established as important for numerous studies in fundamental physics and biophotonics. The project involves studies of the manipulation of metallic and dielectric nanoparticles and quantum dots and is a mixture of experimental work and theory. The aim will be to look at new methods to trap and sort such objects. The position will suit someone with an excellent first degree in physics and is fully funded for UK and EU students. Please contact Kishan Dholakia ( or David Stevenson (

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Round Robin Experiment

Raman spectroscopy has already proved its effectiveness in many cases for medical diagnostics such as for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infections. However, there are no standards in the different working groups, e.g. for sample preparation, implementation of the Raman experiments, spectra pre-treatment, data evaluation, etc.In a round robin experiment, the required groundwork will take place in order to define standardised Raman measurement methods, which will be fundamental for establishing Raman spectroscopy for clinical diagnostic procedures.

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5th International Conference on Biophotonics

20 March 2017

Continuing the success of the previous meetings held in Sacramento, Ottawa, Jena, and Florence, the 5th conference will come to Perth, Western Australia, running over two full days, and back-to-back with the Science on the Swan medical research conference, which delegates are strongly encouraged to also attend, at discounted rates. [more]

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