About Photonics4Life

Project Info

PHOTONICS4LIFE is a consortium with a well-balanced pan-European dimension, self-sufficient in human resources and top-technology. PHOTONICS4LIFE shows the proper mass to span across the value chain from photonic components to applications and from fundamental to applied research, while progressing on a single but broad theme: "Biophotonics". [more]

Members + Partners

Photonics4Life gathers the human resources, the infrastructure, the capabilities, the expertise and knowledge of more than 50 top-research institutes in the field of Biophotonics, coming from EC member states and Russia. Among them are 13 core members, which started the network in 2008 and the P4L Associated Partners, which joined the network since then to extend the network’s possibilities and its scientific portfolio. In addition all the partners include their local collaborators in the network in form of the P4L Local Clusters Partners. [more]

What is Biophotonics?

Biophotonics is an ambitious, multidisciplinary research area that utilizes light-based technologies in medicine and the life sciences. The term derives from two words of Greek origin: ‘bios’ means life and ‘phos’ light. Biophotonics refers to the interplay between light and biological matter. [more]