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Clinical use of innovative Laser Surgeries in Ophthalmology:

  • applications of diode laser welding of the corneal tissue;
  • combined use of femtosecond laser and diode laser welding for minimally-invasive surgeries; applications in penetrating keratoplasty, anterior lamellar keratoplasty, posterior lamellar keratoplasty (endothelial transplant) and in cataract surgery.

Clinical application of new surgical procedures:

  • implementation of intrastromal lenses for the correction of presbyopia;
  • cross-linking: clinical study and treatment of keratoconus, advanced microscopy on related collagen structural modifications.

Preclinical studies on corneal and lens surgeries:

  • improvement of the Phaco-Ersatz technique, for the treatment of presbyopia; this research project has been proposed in collaboration with the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (Miami, FL, USA);
  • laser welding of ocular tissues, by the use of new nanoparticle based chromophores.


Ophthalmic Dept., Prato Hospital, ASL 4
c/o Via Veneto, 41 - 50023 Impruneta (Firenze)




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