Visions of Photonics4life

Network of Excellence on Biophotonics

Picture by Kristoffer-I. Finn

As a Network of Excellence, PHOTONICS4LIFE aims at providing a coherent framework for the strongly fragmented field of Biophotonics in Europe. One of the challenging tasks of PHOTONICS4LIFE is therefore to structure and integrate the research and technological developments throughout the various subdisciplines of Biophotonics with their manifold interdependences.

Linking different disciplines

PHOTONICS4LIFE targets to bridge the gap between different disciplines ranging from physics and chemistry via engineering to biology and medicine. Furthermore, PHOTONICS4LIFE wants to link the expertise of research institutes with SMEs and large companies in order to foster Biophotonics research and strengthen Europe’s economic competitiveness on the global Biophotonics market.

User and market oriented

PHOTONICS4LIFE is composed of partners standing on the forefront of Biophotonics research. With its commitment to interdisciplinarity, PHOTONICS4LIFE enables the initiation of a paradigm shift in Biophotonics research: away from a mostly linear and technology-driven towards a holistic user- and market-oriented approach. Consequently, PHOTONICS4LIFE does not only focus on individual technological developments but also puts emphasis on the needs of the physician and patient.