Biophotonics Wiki

To obtain an overview of the field of Biophotonics and to help to overcome fragmentation PHOTONICS4LIFE prepared and set up a wiki. This database is unique in its aspect of inter-linking photonic and non-photonic technologies on one hand with biological processes and medical domains/diseases on the other hand, which is at the heart of what the P4L network wishes to achieve. It aims at encouraging scientist working in Biophotonics to identify ‘white spots’ in the field and to help bridging the communication gap between the different subdisciplines.

At the moment the Biophotonics wiki consists of more than 100 entries in five different domains:

  • Medical Domains
  • Fabrication and enabling technologies
  • Biological processes
  • Data Analysis
  • Biophotonics techniques

The Wiki is open for everybody. Visitors who would like to add new database elements or update existing ones need to be logged in. Register here for a free account.

Feel free to search or browse our wiki.