Research Topics

Biophotonics is a broad field with a heterogenous stakeholder structure, it crosses borders of scientific disciplines, and has very diverse application areas.Thus Photonics4Life in its actions focuses on the most important aspects of Biophotonics research, which are described in the following.

New photonic technologies for the analysis of cell processes

Photonics4Life aims at utilizing the full potential photonics offers to study cellular processes by firstly defining the state-of-the-art of cell biology and photonic techniques to identify matches between burning cell biology questions and existing photonic technologies.  [more]

Non- and minimally-invasive diagnosis and therapy / Point-of-care diagnostics

Photonics for non- and minimally-invasive diagnosis and therapy deals with the application of photonic techniques to support subjective examinations by objective criteria, e.g. by supporting visual anamnesis of tissue by objective imaging metrology techniques and analytical spectroscopic methods. [more]

Optical components and subsystems from micro- to nano-scale in Biophotonics

Optical components and subsystems from micro- to nano-scale are enabling technologies in Biophotonics. The development includes size reduction and packaging, either because this is a requirement for routine application or due to space limitations.  [more]

Optical micromanipulation and therapy

In parallel with the outstanding advances in microscopy, there have been complementary and key advances in the use of laser light at the cellular scale. Most importantly, there has been the exploitation of the forces of light to both hold, and more recently, sort (pioneered by the applicants) biological material.  [more]

Software for modeling and data analysis

Software for modeling and data analysis is concerned with supporting the development and adaptation of software for preprocessing and processing of data collected by Biophotonic tools. This software must be able to filter the recorded data that is either unwanted or unnecessary and extract and decipher the information containing part.  [more]

Clinical applications and applications in doctors practices

Photonics4Life aims at the involvement of physicians in the development of Biophotonic tools at all stages, e.g. before developing Biophotonic tools for application on patients the needs and demands of physicians must be known in detail. [more]